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First of all excuse me for my English. I am from Belarus.  My name is Elena and this syte is called С  Е л е н о й  (With Elena). I adore flowers and don't lose an opportunity to photograph their short blossom. I also like to write poems about them. You can see photos of my plants in  Gallery,  listen to my poems in the author's performance to the accompaniment of a slideshow (photos with my flowers) in  Videopoems, read my poems and stories respectively in Poems and Stories. Go to List of Plants to know, which plants are in the gallery.  You can see my collection of African violets in Catalog of  my Violets. If you are interested in the history of my hobbies, visit  About Me. A special affection for the African violets-wasps led me to the formation of the register, which contains all  known African violets-wasps. You can learn it in Register of Violets-Wasps. There is a link to their photo album there too. If necessary, please send email to pyhelen@tut.by

The list of my works, posted on this site, see in Index. Click  Home to return to the first page of the syte.

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